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Hi All! I'm Michelle Papalini and I'm here today to tell you that I'm the best candidate for class president 2012! My work ethic and never die attitude can get you the best results for the upcoming school year! I won't let the important issues to you drop with no fight.

Papalini on the important stuff Each and every day, you see important issues who are around you in the school that you simply can't do anything about. Lunch schedules, locker assignment, bus arrival and pickup, hallway decorations, food and drink rules, and much more! Do you ever stop and think about who makes up those rules? Knowing who helps make the rules, you are able to provide them with input for when they re-do them. I'm going to be your go-between for those these people. I go to all the meetings and can speak on account. I know you'd visit the meeting too, but nobody really wants to spend 3 hours having a bunch of grownups referring to your education! Well, I do! Vote 4 Michelle Papalini if you want your thinking heard. I always have an ear available to everyone.

Michelle Papalini

Papalini on the fun stuff! Around the non-business side, I'm all for having the most fun possible this season. From dances, to pep rallies, to guest speakers, not to mention prom, I'll work hard to make sure every event is the most fun it may be. Yeah, even that boring assembly on drug prevention! I've got suggestions for all of them. Have you thought about the very fact we've over 3 dozen sports teams, but only 1 of these receives a pep rally? Isn't it time we put some support behind more teams and demonstrate to them we love them about more than just football? What about dances? It doesn't take much to have a dance, but they just don't happen. Grown ups love safe options to dangerous activities. Dances are a good alternative we can provide them with for times they be worried about. Mischief night dance, Thanksgiving ball, Christmas hoe-down? Any of those sound appealing? Okay, a Christmas Hoe-down was just a joke, however, you obtain the idea! Tell me when you want to have a dance, and we'll try and make it happen. If nothing ever appears to be happening within this town, then let's get out there and make something happen.

Support Michelle Papalini! So you've heard my stance on which I can do for you, so show some love back! I've a video or two around, They're real short, but take a look, and share them if you want them! If Obama can win an election of the entire nation with social networking, and also the internet, it must be the way to go!

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