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The service to name a star has been around for just under 30 years. It started of as mail order service however with today's technology has progressed to being a service that you can purchase using the simple mouse click. The majority of people get these components of memorial of the family member or a unique valentine's gift to that particular special person in life.

The organization that originally acted on the idea have leaded the way in which in turning it into a multi million pound industry. Nowadays there are quite a few places you can buy the service which is due to the low start-up costs associated with the procedure as well as the popularity of the present. When conducting my own research I found a great deal of bad feedback about the vast majority of those sites that provide this service.

Star Registry

There is also quite a few forums and open discussions online that infer that the product is a complete scam. This comes down to who's acutely naming the star for the customer and who the name is going to be identified by. The fact is that naming a star is a novelty gift idea with no scientific bodies ever recognizing what they are called. The databases that the names are stored on are controlled and of those sites that sell the service of naming the star to begin with. The largest problem I've found when examining these websites online is that they try to hide the truth that this isn't a legitimate title and that the deed that it is written on is simply a novelty sheet of paper using the name you chose printed on it.

You will find mixed opinions online. Many people believe that as long as the cost isn't excessive and also the recipient is satisfied then it is a nice product and the thought behind it still counts. There are sites online that do come across more genuine than the others and that have higher quality reviews than the others. What I am really trying to say is when you are planning to purchase the service then do your research and make sure the quality is nice.

Some companies that provide the service happen to be investigated by the American government for selling a misleading product. One company received a sizable fine but I couldn't find every other details about the others. The reason behind this information is this method is not always what it says on the tin and the customer should be able to come to a decision based on the facts regarding what they're being offered.

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