10 Toiminnan jatkuva kehittäminen ja arviointi (Mikkelin Lyseon koulu)

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10.1.1 Koulun toiminnan arviointi

Koulumme toiminnan arviointi toteutetaan/arviointia tehdään lukuvuosittain. Arvioinnin kohteiksi valitaan vuosittain koulun toiminnan kehittämisen kannalta keskeisimmät asiat.

A Sisters Deathless Legacy of Love

After living through an experimental cancer treatment my sister Barb was left unable to work. When she was offered the opportunity to do a mission trip in India if she could come up with $3,000 - she was left thinking there was no way she could go. No way to raise the funds. She asked me to brainstorm with her as to ways she could raise money. "The only thing I can do is hug," she told me - and thus her adventure began.

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Use Your Talents Give More Receive More

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, I used everything you gave me.Erma Bombeck

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Meet The New Boss: You

What do coffee growers in Ethiopia, hardware store owners in America, and Basque entrepreneurs have in common? For one thing, many of them belong to cooperatives. By pooling their money and resources, and voting democratically on how those resources will be used, they can compete in business and reinvest the benefits in their communities.

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White dress, green wedding

Lindsey Gehl and Ryan Bell have a vision of their June wedding being white - and green, too.The 27-year-olds will pledge their troth in a traditional ceremony, followed by a reception amid the scenic trails and wildlife habitats of the Pilcher Park Nature Center in Joliet, Illinois, to which theyre donating $600.

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Not Your Usual Panhandler

Doug Eaton wanted to celebrate his birthday on June 11 in a big way, so he turned to his friends for ideas -- ended up marking the day with random acts of kindness, including handing out free money to people passing by.

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