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Loikkaa: valikkoon, hakuun

Kalevankankaan koulun arviointijärjestelmä on osa kuntakohtaista Mikkelin kaupungin BSC-arviointijärjestelmää. Opetussuunnitelman lisäksi keskeiset koulun toiminnan tavoitteet kirjataan ja täsmennetään koulun lukuvuosisuunnitelmassa. Tavoitteiden saavuttamista kuvaavaa arviointitietoa analysoidaan säännöllisesti ja yhteistoiminnallisesti. Koulun tavoitteiden asettamiseen sekä toiminnan arviointiin ja kehittämiseen osallistuvat koulun henkilökunnan lisäksi myös oppilaskunnan hallitus, koulun neuvottelukunta ja tärkeimpien yhteistyökumppaneiden edustajat.

Varsinainen koulukohtainen arviointijärjestelmä luodaan lukuvuoden 2011-2012 aikana.


How To Let Go of Insecurities 7 Steps To Build Your Confidence

Self-worth comes from one thing thinking that you are worthy. Wayne DyerIts okay to have insecurities, we all do and its crucial for us to observe and understand the impact these insecurities have on the quality of our lives.

[How To Let Go of Insecurities 7 Steps To Build Your Confidence]

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Use Your Talents Give More Receive More

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, I used everything you gave me.Erma Bombeck

[Use Your Talents Give More Receive More]

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Paths Are Made By Walking

2012s Baccalaureate speaker at the University of Pennsylvania was an unconventional choice for an Ivy League school. To address their newly-minted graduates, aspiring to dazzling careers, they picked a man who has never in his adult life, applied for a job. A man who hasnt worked for pay in nearly a decade, and whose self-stated mission is simply "to bring smiles to the world and stillness to my heart".

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10 Ways to Love Where You Live

Community is not just for extroverts.For thousands of years, our ancestors lived in barrios, hamlets, neighborhoods, and villages. Yet in the time since our parents and grandparents were young, privacy has become so valued that many neighborhoods are not much more than houses in proximity.

[10 Ways to Love Where You Live]

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NASA Announces Undersea Exploration Mission

An international team of aquanauts will travel again to the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean to simulate a visit to an asteroid in the 16th expedition of NASA Extreme Environment Mission Operations (NEEMO).

[NASA Announces Undersea Exploration Mission]

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